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Ezekieru’s Voice Acting Giveaway!

So, after dealing with auditions and voice acting for over three and a half years, one of the most sad things I’ve encountered in the hobby has been microphone quality. There has been countless voice actors with so much potential, from every different kind of fandom, that cannot express their abilities to act due to only being able to afford a cheap microphone or headset.

And I say “no more!” I am going to host a giveaway for all of those who want to progress with their voice acting. I am going to buy three Samsung CO1U microphones ($70-100 value each!) and will be giving them all away to three lucky voice actors to use for future projects!

Things to keep in mind:

  • You must either reblog or like this post in order to enter. You can like or reblog this multiple times, but only once a day! So, if you REALLY want this microphone, keep that in mind!
  • You do not have to be following me. Just an FYI.
  • You must be comfortable in giving me your address. I will be ordering the microphones after the contest results are over, so I’ll be sending the microphone directly to you. Please have your ask box open so I can contact you if you win!
  • If you win and live outside of the US when I announce the winners, let me know in my ask box! I’ll have to ship it indirectly in order for it to be sent to you. It’ll take a little longer than those in the US, so I apologize.
  • Have fun! And if you want, send me a recording of your new microphone to I’ll present the recording in a post-results video to show off the winners.

The giveaway ends on January 30th, 2012! So help yourselves, and have yourselves a Happy New Year!

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